New 'Wolverine' Featurette Digs Claws Into Logan


'Tis the season to say "SNIKT," as the theatrical release of "The Wolverine" draws nearer and nearer with each passing day. The movie lands at the end of the month, and every day brings a new look at the latest Logan adventure.

Today, a new "Wolverine" featurette titled "Logan" has gone online. It's not nearly as in-depth as the "Ronin" featurette from last week, focusing less on interviews with star Hugh Jackman and others, and instead emphasizing the actual action of the movie.

Watch it below the jump.

"The great battle with Wolverine has always been the battle within himself," Jackman says in the new video. "Wolverine is the ultimate outsider, and at the beginning of our movie, he's probably more isolated than you've ever seen Wolverine."

Starring Hugh Jackman and directed by James Mangold, "The Wolverine" takes Logan all the way from North America to Japan. The adamantium-laced hero comes face to face with an old friend from a lifetime ago, and is confronted with an opportunity: to strip himself of his immortality.

"The Wolverine" claws into theaters on July 26.

Thanks to the folks at Comic Book Movie for posting the featurette.

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