'Oldboy' Releases Fascinating New Poster


by Brett White

It may look like just a cool image for the new Spike Lee film "Oldboy," but there are a couple of interesting facts about the poster that make it really stand out. Based on the Japanese Manga and 2003 South Korean film of the same name, the film stars Josh Brolin as an advertising executive who is kidnapped for no apparent reason and then released twenty years later, again under mysterious circumstances. Brolin's character, Joe Doucett, then goes about discovering who took two decades of his life from him and for what reasons.

A movie with a plot like that deserves an eye-catching poster, and "Oldboy" delivers. But according to Collider, there's a lot going on in the image. Check out the full image below, and then we'll divulge the info.


As Collider reports, the title font on the poster is actually done in the handwriting Josh Brolin's character uses in letters he writes to his daughter in the film. The more surprising fact, though, is that this is actually a shot from the movie. It seems like every single modern movie poster is a thoroughly Photoshopped affair, with actors added and removed from images with the click of a button. This poster, though, is apparently lifted directly from the film. Yeah, that palette and this staging is not an artistic representation of a scene in the film; it is a scene from the film. If this is what one frame looks like, I can't wait to see a whole bunch of them strung together.

[via Collider]

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