Captain America Gets New 'Star Spangled' Hot Toy

Captain America

by Brett White

The geniuses over at Hot Toys don't know how to make a bad figure. The company regularly produces 1/6th scale figures that faithfully recreate the looks worn by superheros in their big screen outings, figures that eventually wind up in the hands of the actors themselves. The company has done it again with their just announced Captain America: Star Spangled Man figure.

The new figure lovingly recreates Captain America's first duds from "Captain America: The First Avenger," which you can now use to re-enact the great Alan Menken song and dance number from the Marvel film. Like all Hot Toys figures, the new Cap comes with enough alternate hands to shake, well, a fist at, as well as Steve Rogers' original shield.

You can check out pics of the figure in action below, and go on and browse the Hot Toys tag while you're at it. It's worth it.





[via Comic Book Movie]

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