'The Wolverine' Releases First Fight-Filled Clip

by Brett White

With "Man of Steel" in theaters and out of the way, we can focus a bit more attention on the big-budget comic book movie coming out at the end of this month: "The Wolverine." The mutant movie has just released it's first clip, which adds a lot of action to this sluggish, post-holiday weekend Monday. How much action? Well, Wolverine goes claw-to-knife with a bunch of hit men on top of a speeding bullet train. So, how's that for action?

You can check out the entire clip below, which gives just a taste of what's surely to be one of the most talked about fight scenes of the summer. And just in case you haven't done any Wiki research, keep in mind that these bullet trains hit operating speeds of 200 miles per hour, and have gone as fast as 361 mph. Fighting to the death on one proves to be an intense experience.

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