'X-Men: Days Of Future Past': Wolverine And Beast Visit The Country

Wolverine Beast

by Brett White

Director Bryan Singer's Twitter feed has picked up some steam lately, as "X-Men: Days of Future Past" continues shooting up in Canada. Just a few days ago, Singer revealed new mutant Quicksilver's exotic origins. Now Singer's tweeted a picture of a few X-Men visiting what he calls "the countryside."

A cropped version of the picture can be seen above, but hit the jump to check out the full tweet and photo.

So yeah, I can make out Nicholas Hoult and Hugh Jackman in the shot. Beast and Wolverine have been spotted together before, which makes me think that these two will be paired up for at least a little bit of the film.

I could speculate as to why the duo are in the countryside, but this film defies all speculation. Judging by his comic book origins, one would never assume that a suburban house like the one tweeted recently would be Quicksilver's home. The guy grew up on a mountain, raised by an anthropomorphic cow named Bova. "X-Men: Days of Future Past" does not care. For all we know, the film could ignore Bishop's past as a time-traveling mutant cop and this could be Doctor Lucas Bishop's quaint home in the country.

I will speculate about that vanity plate, though. What characters would have a license plate that says "U-Lucky"? Could it be... Longshot?! Could newly cast Josh Helman be playing Longshot? Yeah, I'm taking this as firm proof that Longshot is in the film. No one can convince me otherwise!

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