Independence Day Special: The Most Patriotic Superheroes In Film & TV

Captain America

by Ryan Rigley

Traditionally, Independence Day means three simple things to Americans: hot dogs, fireworks, and superheroes. At least, that's how we here at Splash Page see it. Each year since the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress back in 1776, July 4th has been a national holiday celebrating the birth of Independence, freedom, and, of course, patriotism.

On that same note, the very idea of the "super hero" is about as patriotic as Uncle Sam riding a bald eagle. Throughout the decades, as both Marvel and DC have become household names, the number of United States-themed superheroes has nearly quadrupled in numbers. In honor of our nation's independence, we've compiled a list of the most patriotic superheroes to ever grace the silver screen.

Captain America

Whether it's the original 1940's Captain America, the universally panned 1990's Captain America, or even the modern day Marvel Studios Captain America, there's no doubt that the name Steve Rogers is synonymous with patriotism. I mean, seriously. The guy has "America" right in his name!

Iron Patriot

Making his big screen debut in the recent "Iron Man 3," Iron Patriot is actually just War Machine with an American flag paint job. He's like Iron Man in that he fights the good fight, only Iron Patriot has been commissioned by the United States government and also has the President's seal of approval.

Wonder Woman

Perhaps it's the star studded underwear or possibly even the giant gold eagle on her chest, but one thing is definitely for certain: Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman loves America. In fact, Lynda Carter was even voted Miss World USA in 1972 proving that America loves her right back.

Colonel Stars & Stripes

Jim Carrey may have bowed out of the "Kick-Ass 2" promotional tour, but his character still remains the most patriotic aspect of the film. He comes fully equipped with a baseball bat (decorated in stars and stripes) and an attack dog with an American flag mask.


Appearing on the WB's "Smallville" and also on the animated series "Justice League Unlimited," DC's Stargirl is basically a female version of Captain America. Except Stargirl has the ability to fly and shoot stars out of her cosmic staff. Take THAT, Steve Rogers!

Major Glory

The leader of the Justice Friends and personal hero to Dexter of "Dexter's Laboratory," Major Glory is essentially a parody of superheroes. Combining aspects of both Captain America and Superman, Major Glory is unparralled at fighting crime and also knows how to make a mean "Justice Fruit Pie."

American Maid

Hailing from the pages of "The Tick," American Maid can be seen on the popular animated series of the same name. She has no outright super powers, but she can throw her shoes with uncanny accuracy. In the live action "Tick" series, American Maid is replaced by another patriotic super heroine: Captain Liberty.

The Comedian

The most warped of all of the patriots on this list, the Comedian is willing to do whatever it takes to save this country. Even if it means assassinating the president (i.e. John F. Kennedy) or setting the forests of Vietnam aflame.


Zack Snyder's Superman may not have been same Man of Steel that we all know and love, but traditionally Superman has always been one of the biggest symbols of patriotism for our country. Even though he was technically born on another planet, Clark Kent will always be a Kansas native at heart; fighting the constant battle for truth, justice and the American way!