Marvel Cinematic Universe: 5 Films We Want To See In Phase 3

Black Panther Runaways Doctor Strange

by Ryan Rigley

Huge news for Marvel fans this week as the studio has announced three new mystery films slated to be released in 2016 and 2017, most likely forming Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So far, all we know for sure is that Joss Whedon's "Avengers 2" and Edgar Wright's "Ant-Man" will be hitting theaters in May and November of 2015 respectively. But after that, it's anyone's guess!

Sure, we previously tackled the topic earlier this year, but there's always room for more speculation. And now we have actual release dates! There have already been a huge number of rumors concerning what these mystery Marvel films will be, some of which even originate from Marvel's own President of Production, Kevin Feige. Ranging everywhere from the Sorcerer Supreme to an onscreen adaptation of the "Planet Hulk" storyline, you can checkout all of the frontrunners for these rumored Marvel movies after the jump!

Doctor Strange

The safest bet to make as far as Phase 3 goes, a "Doctor Strange" film has been in the works for quite a while now over at Marvel Studios. Recently, there have been a plethora of leaked information about the film, regarding antagonists and plot points, leading us to believe that "Doctor Strange" is definitely on the roster for 2016. There's even been some talk of turning the Sorcerer Supreme into a new "hub" character, in the same vein as Tony Stark in Phase 1.

Black Panther

Another film that Marvel's been talking about for years, "Black Panther" would certainly help expand the technologically advanced aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Wakanda's ample amounts of vibranium weaponry. Plus, there's the fact that a "Black Panther" film would be the first Marvel superhero film centered around and led by a bad-ass black superhero.


Starring a group of young metahumans on the lam after discovering their parents to be big time super villains, "Runaways" would be similar to "Guardians of the Galaxy" in that the vast majority of people have not heard of them despite their crazy marketability. Joss Whedon actually penned a number of issues of this Marvel series, leading us to believe that the "Avengers" director would be more than willing to help bring this band of misfits to life on the big screen.

Heroes for Hire

Another not-so well-known Marvel property, Luke Cage and Danny Rand (a.k.a. Power Man and Iron Fist) would make excellent additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Their first starring series together, Heroes for Hire, saw Luke and Danny hiring out their superheroic services for cold, hard cash. Equal parts action and comedy, these two would also make for the perfect new recruits come "Avengers 3."


A race of superhumans that reside on Earth's moon, "Inhumans" would show us another side of the cosmic aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Gaining their powers from the mutagenic Terrigen mists, the Inhuman Royal Family consists of Black Bolt, the king whose words have the power to destroy entire planets, Medusa, the queen whose hair has a life of its own, and Lockjaw, a giant alien bulldog with the ability to teleport. Kevin Feige has expressed great interest in the Inhumans in the past, so don't count them out quite yet.

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