'Arrow': Roy Harper Can Go One Of Three Ways In Season 2

by Brett White

Before you get the full scoop on "Arrow's" second season at their Comic-Con International panel, here's a little interview clip with new full-time cast member Colton Haynes. Flicks and the City caught up with Haynes at the West End premiere of Sam Mendes' "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." There they asked him about what season two has in store for Roy Harper, the man who maybe kinda sorta might be Speedy, and the rest of the show.

"You're going to see a lot of comic book characters that people love coming into this world on 'Arrow,'" says Haynes. He shed some light on his character's future, specifically whether or not he'll officially take on a superhero identity. "There was three different ways my character could have gone, and I think we're taking the most adventurous way." Haynes is most likely referring to Harper's three codenames: Speedy, Arsenal or Red Arrow. Which way is the most adventurous?!

Check out the video below for more info on Roy and Thea's relationship, with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick totally posing for photos over Colton's shoulder!

This isn't the first time Haynes has opened up about the upcoming season. He previously talked to MTV about the superteam that will be popping by the show when it returns this fall.

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