Marvel Cinematic Universe: 5 Roles For Vin Diesel

by Brett White

Buckle up Marvel fans, because Vin Diesel has apparently taken a meeting with Marvel Studios! The “Fast and Furious” actor is no stranger to action and science fiction films, but he’s yet to dabble in the Venn diagram overlap that is the superhero genre. Could this signal a change? Is Vin Diesel being groomed for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The actor’s both proven himself at the box office this year and shown that he can anchor a big ensemble cast, thanks to the ginormous success of “Fast and Furious 6.” His “Fast” co-star Dwayne Johnson has also expressed interest in suiting up for a Marvel movie, so it stands to reason that Vin Diesel wouldn’t be too far behind. So if Kevin Feige & Co. get into the Diesel business, which role should he play?

This Guardian of the Galaxy still remains uncast, and Vin Diesel could fill that role. No, I don’t mean he should put on a tree costume or anything; he could easily provide Groot’s voice. Diesel has a pretty signature growl, one that could really inject the required amount of life into what will be one of Marvel’s first all-CGI characters.

Moon Knight
Speaking of growls, it would also be awesome to hear Diesel’s voice coming from behind the shadowy mask of Moon Knight. Marc Spector’s an at-times-mentally-unstable costumed vigilante who draws his power from the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. In some ways, Moon Knight is Christopher Nolan’s Batman in the Marvel Universe; therefore, he should have as gravelly of a voice as Bale.

The Greek god of war exists in the Marvel Universe, and after he spent a few years tormenting the Avengers, he went straight and joined the team. He then proceeded to kick all sorts of ass with his ax and, as pictured, guns. Diesel clearly has the physique to pull off Ares, and the character is much more in line with the actor’s action movie roots. Plus Ares is one of the most prominent antiheroes in Avengers history. You need a guy like Vin Diesel to bring him to life.

Maybe Diesel won’t suit up with the Avengers so much as against them. He’d be perfect as Wrecker, the leader of the supervillain team the Wrecking Crew. Wrecker has enhanced strength and durability thanks to his – not making this up – Asgardian enchanted crowbar. Seriously, that power source is so ridiculously fun that it wouldn’t seem out of place in a “Fast and Furious” movie… if those movies ever decided to tiptoe into the fantastical. Also Diesel has the presence to lead a team like the Wrecking Crew, as shown in the “Fast” franchise.

Right? Marvel’s big bad needs a big actor, and Diesel fits that bill. He’s imposing, he has the voice, and this part is meaty enough for an actor as busy as Diesel to sign up to spend quality time with. Thanks to the loads of makeup needed to turn Diesel purple, the actor could easily disappear into this role, thus allowing him to go for broke and push himself to do things he hasn’t done before. I’m intrigued by this idea!

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