Tom Hiddleston Strikes A Pose With Loki Figure


by Brett White

When you're lucky enough to have Hot Toys make a figure bearing your likeness, you'll apparently take any opportunity to pose with it. We previously saw Clark Gregg meeting his Agent Coulson figure. Now, Hot Toys brings us pics of Loki meeting Loki.

Tom Hiddleston took some time while on the set of "Thor: The Dark World" to pose with his Loki figure, showing off just how accurately Hot Toys recreated the god of mischief's armor from "Marvel's the Avengers." But the photos, which you can check out below the jump, have us wondering if Loki's keeping the same look for the Thor sequel. He's wearing his old "Avengers" costume, which implies that he won't be getting a new look like his brother. Or maybe they just had the old suit around on set and utilized it for this photo op?

Hopefully Marvel Studios will stop releasing stills of creeptacular elves and give us a better look at Loki.




[via Comic Book Movie]

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