First 'Wolverine' Footage Screens To Rave Reviews


by Brett White

Hey X-Men fans, it looks like you can breathe a little easier now. A ton of bloggers and journalists were invited to view select footage from this summer's mutant movie, "The Wolverine," and the initial reaction seems to be unanimously positive. The scenes screened all come from the film's first act, and all from the film's trailers; there was footage from the 1940s, a dream sequence with Jean Grey, a bar scene with Yukio, and a bit of the bullet train fight sequence

Comic Book Movie has a rundown of reactions from various sites, and they go a long way towards making sure my hopes are impossibly high for this movie. You can check out some of the quotes below, as well as some from James Mangold's extensive interview with Coming Soon. I'll throw up spoiler alerts, but know that nothing is discussed that can't be figured out from watching all the trailers.

IGN's Jim Vejvoda said that, "Even though we've only seen a small potion of the final film, that alone was already leagues better than either X-Men Origins: Wolverine or X-Men: The Last Stand." Jim also revealed that Logan is mostly silent throughout the film's first act, keeping in line with the source material's intense tone.

"From what I saw, it looks like [director James] Mangold has nailed the character and the action, and Hugh Jackman looked like he was finally part of a Wolverine movie that will showcase the true character," said Collider's Steve Weintraub. "Consider me sold."

James Mangold also provided those in attendance with an interview opportunity, where he was open about the production process and eager to show off his film. "When I first came on the movie I started looking at the existing materials that I was most interested in making a movie about and that I felt could coexist with the flagship plot movements of the Claremont/Miller saga as well as the pieces that I was inevitably going to inherit from other films," he told Coming Soon. "There was this idea of the struggle of being immortal and the struggle of being forever and the struggle of knowing you will lose everyone you love. The first thing I wrote on the back of the script when Fox sent it to me was, 'everyone I love will die.' That's what I kind of figured the movie to be about. That has always interested me."

Mangold addressed whether or not Hugh Jackman's sixth outing as Wolverine would show signs of age, and says that this one tells a totally new type of Wolverine story.

"In the three existing 'X-Men' movies, he's part of a team. He's on a task force. Therefore, the form of the films and what you see of him plays out in relation to a kind of round robin of the action in these various places. In the one existing solo 'Wolverine' film, it's an origin story and has devoted so much of its energy to that and also to other mutants... One of the reasons I took it was that, despite the fact that there has been a lot of movies, there was this big softball down the center... You have a chance to do something that feels like what everyone in the world - including me - wants to see and hasn't been done. It's a chance to focus on him and not have to tell the story of how he became him. We can tell a story just about him and allow him to explore his rage."

You can read more about the "Wolverine" footage over at JoBlo, Coming Soon and Comic Book Movie.

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