'The Wolverine' Adds Three More Character Posters, Might As Well Open A Poster Store

Wolverine Posters

by Brett White

How many posters can one movie have?! If you're "The Wolverine," then the answer is, "all the posters." Yes, "Wolverine" has all the posters. Three more ink wash style character posters have been released for the film, following yesterday's reveal of the Jean Grey one. The final three characters to receive posters are Shingen Yashida (Hiroyuki Sanada), Mariko Yashida (Tao Okamoto) and well, the last one's a bit confusing. Collider labels it as Harada, played by Will Yun Lee. But Harada already has a poster for his Silver Samurai alter-ego. Is it possible that Harada will be a big enough character both inside and out of the Silver Samurai armor to warrant two posters?

The one character that hasn't gotten a poster yet is Brian Tee's Noburo Mori, but other than that it looks like every character has been covered. Check out the final three after the jump!




Just for fun, we thought we'd assemble all eight character posters in one place. They're quite impressive when viewed at once, and certainly make us think that this movie will look and feel different from every other sueprhero movie that's been made. Plus, look at this gender-balanced cast!


[via Collider]

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