'Amazing Spider-Man 2' TwitPic Round Up: That's A Wrap!


by Brett White

With so much attention being placed on the changing "Amazing Spider-Man 2" cast, we've forgotten to check on director Marc Webb's Twitter feed for awesome set photos. Thankfully we checked in today, because it looks like the film has wrapped production!

While the pics don't shed any new light on Felicity Jones' mystery character, or show off the newly added Sarah Gadon, or even clarify what's going to happen to Shailene Woodley now that she's been cut from the film, the TwitPics (and TwitVideo!) capture the last few days of shooting in truly epic fashion. Seriously, the video of Andrew Garfield perched high atop Manhattan has to be seen to be believed. That's... that's a long way down, man...

We're gonna miss all these guys! Check out all of the tweets after the jump.

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