Possible 'Doctor Strange' Plot Revealed, Hero To Become New 'Hub' Character In Phase 3

by Brett White

Latino Review has suddenly become a hotbed of "Doctor Strange" updates. The site broke the news of just who Stephen Strange might be squaring off against last week, and now they've apparently gotten hold of the script. El Mayimbe has now turned the script into a video, one that runs down what could be the first act of Marvel's "Doctor Strange" film.

To make things even more interesting, Comic Book Movie has cited an inside source as saying that "Doctor Strange" is incredibly important to Marvel moving forward, and that he could play a role in Phase 3 that Iron Man played in Phases 1 and 2. "The studio needs a new 'hub' character going into Phase 3 and beyond," says the source, "as there is audience fatigue, aging stars and a need to move from Tony Stark/Iron Man as a 'hub' for films."

The script comes from Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, who previously penned "Sahara" and "Conan the Barbarian." El Mayimbe gives the script a thumbs up before diving right into the plot. Check out the video below for the first third of the tale, if you're fine with what could be spoilers should this be the film's actual script.

WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE! 'Doctor Strange' Plot Details REVEALED! from Mayimbe Media on Vimeo.

What'd ya think? Let's break this down after the jump.

First, you did catch that Splash Page cameo up top, right? This article from January gets a lot of play, and rightfully so. The rest of the plot, though, plays out almost exactly like how you'd expect the first part of a Doctor Strange movie to play out. The plot seems to capture arrogant neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange perfectly, adapting his early appearances in the series "Strange Tales."

But there seem to be two changes to his origin that I can tell. First, when Strange is a child, his sister Donna seems to disappear due to mystical forces. In the comics, she drowned when they were kids, thus inspiring him to pursue medicine.

The other change seems to be Strange's unexpected astral journey while performing an operation, which is later followed by his car accident and being pummeled with electricity. So... neither of those things happened. At least as far as I can tell. In the comics, Strange just gets into a car accident, wrecking the nerves in his hands. He then seeks out help for his condition, which leads him to the Ancient One and sorcerer-hood.

Neither of those changes are deal-breakers, though, and it's not like Doctor Strange has an origin as well known as Spider-Man's. Liberties will be taken, and they're fine as long as they result in a great movie. Keep checking out Latino Review for the other two chapters of their plot summary to see if any other changes are made.

[via Latino Review]

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