Armie Hammer Handles 'Ant-Man' Rumors With Awkward Finesse

Armie Hammer

So … what do you think about Armie Hammer as Ant-Man?

No, that's not official casting. But that's the latest buzz based on reports that the "Lone Ranger" actor visited the set of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" recently. Screen Rant has a report from Amy Nicholson in which she calls Hammer out for his alleged visit during the recent "Lone Ranger" press junket, saying that he and Edgar Wright — director of Marvel's upcoming "Ant-Man" movie — had visited the "Captain America" set. Hammer's answers are kind of amazing, if not entirely revealing.

"Me and Edgar?" he begins. "Who's Edgar? The actor?"

Once it's pointed out that Edgar Wright is a director, Hammer claims he has no idea who that is. (Ow, that's awkward.) When it's pointed out that Wright is the director of "Ant-Man," a lightbulb goes off.

"Ant-Man? Oh! Wait! You think you know something," he replies. "No, there's nothing! What do you know! What's the rumor?"

The rumor is explained: that Hammer and Wright were on the "Captain America" set together. Hammer shoots down the rumor completely, promising (twice) that "there's nothing" to it. He also says it's the first time he's even heard the rumor.

"First in my life," he says. "I swear to god, cross my heart, hope to die."

But the exchange concludes with Hammer admitting he did indeed visit the "Captain America" set, just "not with Edgar." His reason for the visit? "Um … a buddy of mine was working on the movie so I just wanted to go say hi."

All of that could be a whole lot of fun and awkward for absolutely nothing. But maybe, just maybe, there really is something here. If not "Ant-Man," maybe Hammer does have some sort of small part to play in the future of the Marvel movies. After all, as the titular Lone Ranger, Hammer is in good with the folks at Disney. Maybe it won't be long before we see him suit up for the House of Ideas as well.

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