'The Wolverine': Jean Grey Character Poster Is Hot!

by Brett White

...As in "there's Phoenix fire on the poster"-style hot. Collider unveiled the new character poster, which is the latest in a series of sumi-e style character renditions that have made "The Wolverine's" promotional campaign the most intriguing one all summer. We've previously seen Silver Samurai, Viper, Yukio and Wolverine. Now the series has 100% more Jean Grey.

This poster, though, incorporates the color orange into the image, creating a fire-y effect reminiscent of Jean Grey's final scenes in "X-Men: The Last Stand." The poster also depicts Jean Grey in the costume Famke Janssen last wore on screen. Check out the full poster below.


The real question I have, though, is why a Jean Grey character poster even exists? Yeah, we know the deceased X-Man has a "presence" in the film, but a character poster seems to imply that she'll have more than just a dream sequence cameo in the movie. Will she plague Wolverine throughout the entire film? Will he come face-to-face with a Jean doppelganger (I will now be the sole champion of a Madelyne Pryor cameo!)? Will the movie resurrect Jean Grey?!

Obviously those last two theories are nuts, and she's most likely getting a character poster because she's a popular X-Man who makes for a cool visual. And this poster is indeed a cool visual.

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