'Kick-Ass' Artist John Romita Jr. Talks Seeing His Work On The Big Screen


After becoming a modern day legend thanks to his ground-breaking work on comics like "Uncanny X-Men," "Iron Man," "Daredevil," "Punisher" and "Amazing Spider-Man," John Romita Jr. has finally experienced the unique joy of seeing his own creations on the big screen. Romita created the "Kick-Ass" world alongside writer Mark Millar in 2008. Romita recently spoke with MTV Geek about the upcoming sequel, "Kick-Ass 2," and revealed just how much of what's on the big screen comes directly from his penciled pages.

"No, it's not a direct adaptation of the books. But y'know, there are a lot of similarities - it's a take on Mark and my visuals, and the things that we created, and it's really flattering to see all that up there. I mean, they have to create their own stuff. They can't just be taking everything from what we do... It's not like some comic movies, like 'Sin City,' where you can see them taking it straight from the comic, using the same camera angles."

When asked if he's started incorporating elements from the "Kick-Ass" movie-verse into the comics, Romita said that that's not in the plans.

"I refuse to do that, and Mark has been very firm about making sure that the comic stays a comic and the movies are their own thing. I don't even know if I could... It just wouldn't work... Really, If I tried to reflect the movies more in the comics, I would feel silly."

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