'Red 2' Clip: Helen Mirren Pulls A 'Wanted'

With "Red 2" drawing its guns in just a few weeks, the folks at Summit Entertainment have started releasing the first round of clips from the film.

Up first is a scene called "Show Me Something," featuring Helen Mirren as sharp-shooting badass Victoria paired up with Han, a deadly assassin played by "G.I. Joe" actor Byung-Hun Lee. The two ride through the streets of London in a blue convertible, pursued by armed men, their situation becoming increasingly desperate. In order to get away with their lives intact, Victora and Han take a page out of the "Wanted" playbook.

Superhero Hype has posted five more clips from "Red 2," focusing on the continued companionship between Frank Moses and Marvin Boggs (Bruce Willis and John Malkovich, respectively), the evolving relationship between Frank and Sarah (Mary Louise Parker), and some more insight into Han, also known as the Da Vinci of Death.

"Red 2" releases in theaters on July 19, 2013.

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