Joss Whedon On 'Colbert Report': Don't Call Him Joey

by Brett White

The man himself, Joss Whedon, popped by "The Colbert Report" to go face-to-face with the other man himself, Stephen Colbert. Whedon was there to promote his new film "Much Ado About Nothing." You gotta see the clip they show for it, too, because the film was shot in Whedon's house as part of his desire to do more micro-budget films (as opposed to "Avengers" which has all the budget!).

Joss also discussed the origin of his unique moniker, even going so far as to reveal the nickname that drove him to make the permanent switch (hint: it's in the headline).

And of course, Whedon can't appear on any show without getting asked an "Avengers 2" question. Colbert gets one in on the sneak at the end of the interview. Check it out below!