'Man Of Steel' Cast Are Ready For Doomsday


by Brett White

With "Man of Steel" a big hit, we can expect a sequel sooner rather than later. While some ideas may already be in place for the sequel, the big question on everyone's mind is exactly who will test Superman's strength after General Zod. We've offered our thoughts on the subject; Total Film sat down with director Zack Snyder and stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Michael Shannon and got their thoughts on a particular Super-foe: Doomsday. The ancient Kryptonian rage monster first appeared in 1992's "Superman: The Man of Steel" #18 before killing Clark Kent a few months later in the "Death of Superman" storyline.

Snyder didn't deny the possibility of Doomsday showing up, saying, "Let's just say that in the Superman universe, there are a lot of great villains and heroes, and the DC Universe is rich." Amy Adams had her mind on another villain, jokingly suggesting, "I'd like Bizarro Superman. Two Henrys, that's what I'd like." But Henry Cavill, the man who will actually have to trade blows with the brute, gave the character an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Check out the full interview after the jump for the cast's thoughts!

[via Total Film]

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