'The Amazing Spider-Man 2': Is Felicity Jones Playing Black Cat?

Felicity Jones

by Brett White

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" may already have a packed cast, with Mary Jane Watson, Electro, the Rhino, Norman and Harry Osborn all popping up in the film. There are also a few actors whose roles are still a mystery; Colm Feore's one of them - although IMDB now includes what was previously a rumor in its listing.

The other mystery actor is Felicity Jones, who joined the cast alongside Paul Giamatti back in late January. The actress' role has yet to be confirmed, but people have pegged her to be Black Cat. While interviewing the actress, Flicks and the City tried to trick her into admitting she's donning a catsuit in the superhero film.

When asked if she was looking forward to everyone seeing her as Black Cat, Jones replied: "Um, well, uhhh... possibly. I don't know, yeah. I kind of, it's umm...yeah, if that happens, that would be wonderful, yeah." Check out the full video below.

It's important to note that she doesn't say yes and she doesn't say no about playing Black Cat. In fact, this kind of guessing game is played all the time, especially after actors make vague statements in interviews. When they're held to such strictly enforced non-disclosure agreements, it's a wonder the actors involved can even form a sentence.

Even if Felicity Jones is playing Felicia Hardy, it's unlikely she'll play a big part. The film's packed with characters as it is! If anything, she'll be set up to play a larger role in one of the next two Spider-Man films.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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