'Amazing Spider-Man' Sequels Coming In 2016 And 2018

by Brett White

In this age of never-ending sequels, frequent reboots, and expanding cinematic universes, is the good ol' fashioned trilogy done for? Sony seems to think so, as they just secured dates that guarantee that the new "Amazing Spider-Man" franchise will at least be a quadrilogy.

According to Deadline, "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" will arrive on June 10, 2016; it'll be followed by "The Amazing Spider-Man 4" on May 4, 2018. Of course these movies could deviate from tradition and receive subtitles, like "The Amazing Spider-Man: The Sinister Six" and "The Amazing Spider-Man: Ben Reilly And The Menace Of Cardiac."

This might seem a bit hasty, but movie studios have started planning out their franchises years in advance. It's rumored that Warner Bros.' has fast-tracked "Man of Steel 2" and "Justice League" for releases in 2014 and 2015, thanks to "Man of Steel's" stellar performance after four days in theaters.

Just last week, Marvel confirmed two more dates for their Phase 3 films, even though there are still 4 more Phase 2 movies to release first. There's already speculation that one of those dates belongs to "Dr. Strange," while the other had better belong to a female superhero movie.

But what do these sequels mean for Spider-Man? One thing, it means that Sony has no intention of ever letting the film rights revert back to Marvel. They're keeping Andrew Garfield busy with new "Spider-Man" movies until 2018. As for the plot of the films, there's already speculation that "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" will set up the Sinister Six. By announcing these two dates so early, it does seem like director Marc Webb could be building to a conclusion of some sort, possibly with the Spider-foe super-team.

Expect more announcements to come at San Diego Comic-Con this July.

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