'Man Of Steel' Divides Comics Community

by Brett White

Comic book movies have always been a hot button issue with fans, but opinions are split down the middle when it comes to "Man of Steel." It's not surprising when you consider how important Superman is to so many comic book pros. Superman's been in comics, movies, and television shows since the early 1950s, meaning that generations upon generations have grown up with this character.

But now the film has a 56% on Rotten Tomatoes - the site that measures critics' reviews - and an A- on Cinema Score - which measures moviegoers opinions. People are divided, especially those in the comic book community.

Mark Waid, one of the most prominent and passionate Superman fans working in comics, kicked off a weekend of debate with this Tweet on Thursday night:

He then posted a blog review (warning: SPOILERS) of the film where he detailed his thoughts. The thing is, he wasn't the only one to voice an opinion all weekend long. SPOILERS ahead.

Some fans are praising the film's spectacle and action sequences, as well as the performances. Some fans are condemning the film's dour tone, wanton destruction and extreme final solution to the Zod problem. In fact, it's really those last two areas where fans seem to be most divided. Your Superman either kills or he doesn't, and your opinion of the film as a whole can be greatly influenced by that.

Check out these Twitter reactions to "Man of Steel" from comic book writers, artists, journalists and bloggers.

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» Sue (editor, DC Women Kicking Ass)

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» Andrew Wheeler (writer, Comics Alliance)

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» Chris Sims (writer, Comics Alliance)

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