'Man Of Steel' Triumphs At Box Office With Biggest June Opening Ever

Man of Steel

by Brett White

Can we finally stop associating Superman with being lame? It looks like the general public has finally caught on to what Super-fans have known for years: the man of steel is cool. And also bankable, it seems, as the hero's latest film outing broke all sorts of records in its debut weekend, scoring an unbelievable $125.1 million during it's opening weekend (including it's phenomenal late Thursday haul).

This comes as great news for Warner Bros. and DC Comics, who undoubtedly faced quite a daunting task with this film. With the highly profitable "Dark Knight" franchise over and their competitors over at Marvel on a hot streak, "Man of Steel" needed to be a hit. Now after scoring the biggest June opening of all time, it looks like Warner Bros.' wish has come true.

The film didn't come close to topping "Iron Man 3's" opening weekend gross, with the armored Avengers raking in $175.3 million in its first weekend. "Man of Steel" did, however, trump the film's midnight showing earnings by about $6 million.

Even if critics have been less than kind to "Man of Steel," which now sits at 56% on Rotten Tomatoes and 55% on Metacritic, word-of-mouth among movie goers looks to be positive. The real test will be just how much the film drops off in its second week, with competitor "World War Z" hitting theaters this weekend.

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