'Guardians Of The Galaxy': John C. Reilly Confirmed As Rhomann Dey... Probably

John C Reilly

by Brett White

And now, in non-"Man of Steel" news, "Guardians of the Galaxy" has a confirmed casting that we've been crossing our fingers for for almost two weeks now; Deadline has reported that John C. Reilly is officially joining the cast as Nova Corps member Rhomann Dey.

In a curious turn of events, though, they initially reported that he would be playing Ronan the Accuser, which is an entirely different character altogether. Ronan would definitely fit into the film, as he's a big player in Marvel's line of cosmic comics, but he'd also add a whole other group of characters (the Kree) to the film. "Guardians" has gone from starring just the current roster and maybe Thanos, to now incorporating the original Guardians, the whole Nova Corps, and possibly even former Image Comics character Angela. Then there's the matter of who in the galaxy Benicio Del Toro is playing! If Reilly was playing Ronan the Accuser, that would mean that the Kree would be added to the already stuffed film.

The initial rumors surrounding Reilly's role both pegged him as Rhomann Dey and as playing a Coulsen-esque everyman character. Now that it looks like he is actually playing Rhomann, we can only assume that he's still a Coulson-ish, even if that doesn't fit Rhomann Dey's character.

Dey hasn't appeared in comics as much as the other "Guardians," but he's best known for being a Nova Prime, a.k.a. the top dog of the Nova Corps. But that's the role Glenn Close is playing, apparently, even though we don't know her character's name.

Whether he's a good guy, a bad guy, or an in-between guy, Reilly will definitely be a welcome presence on the cast. This movie still looks nuts in all the right ways.

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