'Man Of Steel' Scores $21M At Midnight Showings

Man of Steel

by Brett White

Superman soared past Iron Man last night, proving that Stark Tech is no match for good ol' fashioned Kryptonian genetics. "Man of Steel" soundly bested "Iron Man 3" with a late night haul of $21 million, surpassing the armored Avenger's $15.6 million.

This is great news for Warner Bros., who have already greenlit a sequel. It also comes as no surprise considering just how much of a push the movie has gotten in the last few weeks. Building-size billboards have popped up all over Times Square and clips and trailers have really hyped up the film's stakes and drama.

The new film made five times as much as 2006's "Superman Returns," which grossed $4.9M at its midnight showings. Deadline reports that the film could make anywhere from $80-100M in its opening weekend, which would mean that while "Man of Steel" won the battle, "Iron Man 3" would win the war. But then again, it could be a very long time before any movie surpasses "Iron Man 3's" $175.3M opening.

But even Warner Bros. lowball $80M estimate would outdo the film's predecessor, which grossed only $52.5M in 2006. But "Superman Returns" looks to have the last laugh where critics are concerned. Former Superman Brandon Routh talked to MTV Geek about his lone turn as the man of steel and how the film has found a small following despite it not being remembered fondly. That goes against the film's Rotten Tomatoes score, which has given the film a 75% based on an aggregate of reviews. That's a pretty decisive victory for "Returns" compared to "Man of Steel's" falling score, now at 59%.

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