'300: Rise Of An Empire' Director Pushed Effects Further Than Ever

300 Rise of an Empire


Following the debut of "300: Rise of an Empire's" first trailer, MTV News got director Noam Murro on the phone to discuss his visually striking follow-up to Zack Snyder's groundbreaking original film. The director desired to expand upon the first film's visual vocabulary, which was a desire shared by producer Zack Snyder and the studio.

"I think that was the great thing about working with Zack and working with the studio. The idea was always to create a point of reference of the old movie, but technologically and visually push it further up the hill," he said. "It really is quite a difference in the way that it feels and looks. It does happen in water, and geographically, it is open. I think we've pushed it from a visual spectacle uphill, but the roots of this tree are grounded in the '300' world. We wanted to create different styles of battles, and there are very distinct ones in this movie. There's the fire battle and the fog battle."

Saying that "300: Rise of an Empire" does "happen in water" undersells the enormous undertaking accomplished by the effects department, as the only water on set was apparently the drinking kind.

"The challenges are numerous in a sense that as technology develops, what happens is we shot this entire movie dry, meaning there was no water involved," Murro said. "You are really in a situation that you have to create a sense that the boats are really moving and sense that they are really in water, but they're not. It's a challenge from a technological point of view, from a visual point of view, also for the actors and also for me in terms of trying to simulate what that would feel like."

Check out the full interview over at MTV News for even more inside info about the film's expanded scope and new leading man.