'300: Rise Of An Empire' Trailer Debuts, Is Definitely A '300' Sequel

by Brett White

Despite losing director Zack Snyder, "300: Rise of an Empire" director Noam Murro looks to have turned in a film that matches the original's unique look, striking visuals, and penchant for slow-motion and ultra-revealing Spartan garb. People who wanted to see more "300" will indeed see more "300"! The film follows the 2007 adaptation of Dark Horse Comics' "300" by Frank Miller. Check out the trailer below.

The film stars returning actors Lena Headey and Rodrigo Santoro, as well as new leading man Sullivan Stapleton, and Eva Green. It looks like the film takes place concurrently with the first one, focusing on the Battle of Artemisium instead of the Battle of Thermopylae, which was the focus of the first film. The Battle of Artemisium was comprised of naval battles, hence the trailer's abundance of ships ramming into each other and bloody bodies falling into the ocean.

Yes, a lot of Wikipedia research went into this post.

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