'Man Of Steel': Should It Be PG?


by Brett White

No one blinks an eye when Batman gets a PG-13, and fans would probably prefer "The Wolverine" be a hard R. But these are heroes that lurk in the shadows, who dole out justice and vengeance with a grimace. But Superman, as many comic book pros and fans have pointed out since learning "Man of Steel's" MPAA rating, should be different.

"I don't know if that PG-13 is there out of sincerity or cynicism or politics," wrote acclaimed comic book writer Greg Rucka in an op-ed piece for The Hollywood Reporter. "I just know that if you make a Superman movie you can't take kids to, you've done something wrong." To get an idea of where Superman's many, many fans fall in what we've sensationally dubbed The Great Ratings Debate, MTV asked a group of comics pros, journalists and fans for their take in this exclusive article.

"I'm all for Superman being viewable and readable by even the youngest audience, even if the stories are a bit complex for them," said Jeff Parker, one of the current writers for DC Comics' digital anthology series "Adventures of Superman."

In fact, iFanboy writer Paul Montgomery cited Parker's debut issue of "Adventures of Superman" as an example of the right way to add grit to Superman, saying that "Jeff Parker and Chris Samnee proved that even a manic junkie can coexist with Superman without robbing the story of warmth and gentility."

Mark Waid, the writer behind "Superman: Birthright" and one of the foremost authorities on the Superman mythology, remained optimistic despite the rating. "So long as Superman himself remains a paragon of ethical and moral behavior, I'm not too worried," said Waid.

You can check out the entire piece, including extended quotes and additional points of view, over at MTV News!

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