'Archie' Movie Won't Have Zombies, Is 'A Straight-Up Teen Movie'


Citizens of Riverdale! You can officially downgrade your threat-level as far as zombie apocalypses are concerned. Though "Afterlight with Archie" is very much still a reality, the zombie-infused "Archie" comic book won't serve as the basis for the recently announced "Archie" movie.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla, the writer-artist team behind the alternate universe "Archie" comic, recently spoke with Hero Complex about unleashing the armies of the dead against Archie and his pals. During the interview, Aguirre-Sacasa denied the rumors that "Afterlife" was the launching point for the new "Archie" movie.

"The movie and this series are completely separate entities," he said, adding that he and Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater have been "talking about the movie for a while now."

"In fact, now that I'm remembering that breakfast where we first discussed 'Afterlife With Archie,' it was at a breakfast meeting for the 'Archie' movie, which his going to be a straight-up teen movie," the writer continued. "It's Archie's coming-of-age story. Hopefully, it will be the 'Archie' movie people have been anticipating for 70-plus years. And here's a tidbit: expect to see fan-favorites Cheryl Blossom and Kevin Keller in it, in very prominent ways."

There you have it, "Archie" fans. You can breathe a little easier knowing that zombies are staying out of your "Archie" movie, and only invading your local comic book shop. (With Francavilla on art duties, no less? Yep, take my money now, please.)

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