Amy Adams Tried 'Something New' In 'Man Of Steel'

by Brett White

"Man of Steel" proved that the third time's a charm for Amy Adams, who discussed how her approach to auditioning for Lois Lane this go round differed from her previous two.

"I think that I definitely was at the right time to try something new," she says. "I think had I done it in the past I would have been trying to emulate something I saw or one of the comics as opposed to creating something new." You can check out the interview below.

Adams also discussed her history with Superman in a recent appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Her first crush, she told Kimmel, was actually Christopher Reeve who portrayed Clark Kent in four films, starting with 1978's "Superman." She also revealed that her appearance on "Smallville" was at least partially fueled by her Super crush.

"Man of Steel" opens on Friday, June 14th.

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