New 'Man Of Steel' Clip Proves You Don't Threaten Superman's Mother

by Brett White

The only way to pump up anticipation for "Man of Steel" after that killer last trailer would be to release a dizzying spectacle of a scene. And, well, that's just what this is. The first 20 seconds of this new clip from "Man of Steel" is more intense and personal than anything we've seen before. Check it out now, unless you want to save this jaw-dropping action piece for the big screen.

Even if he spends all of this clip getting punched in the helmet and then falling to the ground in pain, General Zod still comes across as a menace. I mean, going after Kal-El's human mother? That's nothing but trouble, Zod!

If this clip is any indication, and I think it might be, we're in for a Superman film that delivers on the action in a big way.

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