Casting Rumors For 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' and 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Heat Up

Colm Feore

by Brett White

Comic Book Movie has a pair of casting rumors that make things very interesting for next summer's Marvel movies. If true, one character is getting a next-level-ridiculous push from Marvel after years spent in obscurity, and the other one possibly sets up some big trouble for a popular protagonist in a future film.

Listen, I don't know what people do and do not consider spoilers. I know I don't personally consider either of these spoilers, but who am I to be the judge? Odds are both of these rumors will be confirmed or denied extremely publicly in the next few months, well before either hits theaters. But if not and one of them is a super-mega-secret plot point, well, the rumors are post jump!

Did you jump?

Here we go.

Karen Gillan is Angela and Colm Feore is Vulture. Boom. So what do these rumors mean, if true?

Gillan Angela

Angela was one of the five possibilites we guessed for Gillan last week. It's an obvious choice considering that the character was the center of a publicity blitz when it was announced she was jumping from Image's "Spawn" to Marvel Comics in "Age of Ultron." Being an otherworldly angelic bounty hunter, she seems like a... kinda natural fit for the new "Guardians" comic series, where she'll be showing up in a few issues. This rumor springs from a newspaper article, which can be seen here.

We've had Feore (pictured at the top of this article) pegged as the Vulture for a while, and CBM says this is a 100% certainty. The actor looks pretty Vulture-y in his onset photos, too, which makes these rumors seem fitting. But with Electro and the Rhino already in the film, as well as Norman Osborn, won't the movie seem crowded? Unless, of course, they're peppering in these cameos in order to set up the Sinister Six in "Amazing Spider-Man 3"! It's likely Feore won't appear in his bird suit during the movie if he is Adrian Toomes, but he could be given motive to take flight against Spider-Man in a future film. The Sinister Six is a big part of the Spider-Man comics and it has yet to be tackled on the big screen. Having Spider-Man go up against them in "Amazing Spider-Man 3" would actually give this trilogy a form and cohesion lacking from the original, so this could actually be really interesting.

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