5 Crazy Comic Book Resurrections

Superman Batman

by Brett White

With word of Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Charles Xavier in the upcoming "X-Men: Days of Future Past," fans all across the globe have but one thing on their minds: How exactly will Professor X return from the dead? "It's interesting, it's possibly 6 or 7 years since 'X-Men 3' when you recall Charles Xavier was vaporized by... what's her name, Jean Grey," Stewart said about his character's fate recently. "There will be an explanation, but it was a little puzzling to me cause I thought my X-Men days were over, but not so."

Clearly, Professor X has risen from beyond to the grave to grace the silver screen with his presence once more. However, Xavier isn't the first comic book character to come back from the dead. Not by a long shot. Click past the jump for our list of the five craziest comic book resurrections ever!


After Doomsday single-handedly defeats the entire Justice League, Superman is forced to sacrifice himself to stop the Kryptonian monster. Three months later, four different Supermen returned to the pages of DC comics: a Superman clone, a Superman robot, a reformed villainous Superman, and Steel. Later, however, it's revealed that all of these Supermen are imposters and the real Superman was just sleeping in the Fortress of Solitude the whole time.


As a result of being blasted by Darkseid's Omega Beams, an amnesiac Bruce Wayne is thrown all the way back to the dawn of time. Without any memory of who he is or what he stands for, Bruce is forced to fight his way through the centuries, slowly recollecting pieces of his former persona. If you've ever wanted to see a Caveman Batman, a Puritan Batman, a Pirate Batman, a Cowboy Batman, or a Film Noir Batman, then do yourself a favor and pick up "The Return of Bruce Wayne."

Captain America

Shot dead by his brainwashed ex-girlfriend, Steve Rogers is taken to the Arctic and refrozen in the same spot that the Avengers originally found him. Soon, however, we discover that the bullets that hit Cap were, in fact, special "phasing" bullets that sent his consciousness on a wild goose chase throughout time and space. Eventually, Cap is able to find his way back to his physical body but not before the Red Skull has his way with it.

The Thing

With his good friend, Ben Grimm, possessed by his arch nemesis, Doctor Doom, Reed Richards is forced to end the life of the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing. Feeling guilty about his decision, Reed decides to travel to Heaven in order to steal Ben's soul and bring him back down to Earth. While in "Heaven," the Fantastic Four meet "God," an older man that looks suspiciously like FF co-creator Jack Kirby, and he takes it upon himself to draw the Thing back to life. With a pencil.


Kidnapped and unwillingly impregnated by an insect-themed villainess called the Queen, Spider-Man soon discovers that he is somehow turning into a giant spider. After his transformation is complete, the Queen tracks spider Spider-Man down only to watch him have a seizure and die before her very eyes. Heartbroken, the Queen leaves the dead spider moments before a naked, fully human Peter Parker emerges from the spider's corpse. So basically, Spider-Man turned into a spider that was pregnant with another Spider-Man and then died giving birth to himself.

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