'Man Of Steel': Amy Adams Reveals Her First Day As Lois To Jimmy Kimmel

by Brett White

After appearing on "Ellen," "Man of Steel" actress Amy Adams stopped by for a lengthy chat on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Kimmel kicked off the interview by mentioning that Superman fans had lined up early to get a chance to see Adams on the show. After mentioning that the fans seem to have latched on to Adams as Lois Lane before even seeing the movie, Adams joked that she's not going to get half the attention that Superman is.

"I think Henry's in for it," Adams says of co-star Henry Cavill, "because he's really something." Adams then tells a story about her first day on the "Man of Steel" set after having just wrapped up filming the intense drama, "The Master." Her first day as Lois Lane saw the actress face to face with Henry Cavill in full Superman-mode, dangling from a wire after having just met. You can check out the first part of the interview below.

The next two parts can be found below, and contain a new Lois-centric clip from the film.

The next two chapters cover Adams' family life as well as her own history as a Superman fan, something that she thinks she'll share with her three year old daughter. Check out the rest of the interview below, especially the third part which kicks off with an extended version of the interrogation scene featured in the trailer.

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