Booster Gold Casting Call

Booster Gold

by Ryan Rigley

It's been over a year and a half, but it seems as though the "Booster Gold" live action series is finally in motion. Earlier this week, "Arrow" producer Andrew Kreisberg announced, via Twitter, that the "Booster Gold" pilot he wrote for SyFy is finally making its way over to the television network next week. While SyFy initially ordered a pilot script from Kreisberg back in November 2011, it's likely that their decision to move ahead with the pilot was heavily influenced by the success of the CW's "Arrow."

Now it still may be a ways away, but we can't help but think of what the next steps would be towards producing an actual "Booster Gold" pilot episode. With a script from a proven successful producer in hand, all SyFy needs now is a brilliant lead actor to portray Booster Gold on the small screen. So what are our options here? Click past the jump to find out!


Eric Martsolf

Back in 2011, when the "Booster Gold" pilot was originally ordered, Martsolf actually portrayed the bumbling blonde superhero in an episode of the CW's "Smallville" appropriately titled "Booster" (alongside the Blue Beetle). While there may not be any guarantee that Martsolf will reprise the role, it'd still make for quite an interesting series and expand the "Smallville" universe.


Seann William Scott

Perhaps best known for his portrayal of Stifler in the "American Pie" series and Wheeler in the more recent "Role Models," Seann William Scott certainly knows his way around male characters with over-inflated egos, which is totally in sync with Booster Gold's personality!


Eric Christian Olsen

Effortlessly displaying his comedic prowess in films like "Not Another Teen Movie" and TV shows like "Community," Eric Christian Olsen has also proven his knack for action with roles in both "Eagle Eye" and "The Thing." He also plays a detective on "NCIS: Los Angeles." That's kind of like a superhero, isn't it?


Justin Hartley

During "Smallville's" ten year run on the CW, Justin Hartley made an appearance in over 70 episodes portraying everyone's favorite archer: Oliver Queen, a.k.a. Green Arrow. In 2006, he played Arthur Curry in the now defunct "Aquaman" pilot. There's no doubt that Hartley has the experience (and the proper hair color). How about we cut the poor guy a break already?


Neil Patrick Harris

I know what you're thinking. "Neil Patrick Harris is way too popular to play a superhero on a SyFy original series!" Well, yes. You have a good point. But if you take into consideration Harris' previous portrayal of struggling supervillain Dr. Horrible and mash that with his "How I Met Your Mother" hound dog, Barney Stinson, then you've got yourself the perfect combination for Booster Gold and a hugely successful TV series.

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