Michelle Rodriguez Claims Strong Female Superheroes 'Don't Exist Now'

Michelle Rodriguez

by Brett White

Judging by the film's epic opening weekend haul, odds are you saw "Fast & Furious 6" and therefore saw one of the most brutal girl fights ever captured on film. Seriously, Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano go at it with a fury and ferocity so intense that it puts nearly every other fight in the movie to shame. So of course, me being me, I immediately wanted Rodriguez in a superhero movie (and Carano too, while we're at it). But Rodriguez revealed to Entertainment Weekly that she just doesn't think the female superheroes out there right now are worth playing.

"I love all the great male superheroes," says Rodriguez. "They're awesome. I especially love the rebellious ones like the Punisher. Like when he went head to head with Spider-Man? That was so cool! ... There aren't a lot of chicks that I like at all in comics. As a matter of fact, in order to have one, I'd probably have to invent one. They just don't exist now."

You lost us at "they just don't exist."

I have to preface my response to Rodriguez's comments by saying that it's incredibly problematic to make anyone have to prove their fandom. There's a tinge of "fake geek" malarky in my kneejerk response to this comment that I know is wrong. But a comment as sweeping as strong female superheroes "don't exist" when I know that to be false deserves a bit of parsing. Rodriguez admits she likes Catwoman, and Catwoman is an incredible character, but it's hard for me to believe that anyone who reads comics regularly would make such a declaration.

And that actually highlights a big problem with comic book adaptations: you aren't going to find enough strong, powerful females in the movies. Movies center around the men (Wolverine, Iron Man, Thor, Batman, etc.) and women are almost always sidelined. Pepper Potts is a great character with a truckfull of agency, but she's still supporting Tony Stark. 2012 gave us both Black Widow and Catwoman, the two most action-oriented and capable big screen female characters we've ever seen. But they're only two in comparison to the dozen male heroes that popped up on screen in 2012.

Female heroes also don't occupy a comparable space to male heroes in the public consciousness. Wonder Woman and Storm are probably the only two that have as high a profile as Spider-Man, Superman and Batman. The others are mostly female analogues of male heroes, as great as they are (like Batgirl, She-Hulk, who are two phenomenal characters undercut by their derivative names). So it's safe to say that unless Rodriguez is reading old "Birds of Prey" and "Secret Six" issues, or the monthly adventures of the Young Avengers or Captain Marvel, she's missing out on characters that deserve to be on the big screen.

So which characters should Rodriguez play? She says she loves rebellious heroes like the Punisher, which is perfect because that's exactly the type of character she should play. Rodriguez could bring any of Marvel's Latina heroes to life, like the New Avenger Echo, X-Force brawler Feral, or the mystically powered White Tiger. She could even take over the Ghost Rider franchise from Nicolas Cage and play Alejandra, the Mexican woman most recently possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance.

But there's no reason to limit Rodriguez to Latina roles, although those great characters deserve more attention in general. Rodriguez could easily kick ass as DC Comics' Renee Montoya, Black Canary, Huntress or Starling. And there's one Marvel character that Rodriguez would be perfect for.


For those who aren't as obsessed with '90s X-Force as I am, Domino is basically the X-Men's Black Widow. She's a mercenary with a shady past that's skilled with pretty much every weapon and fighting style there is, and she's generally considered to be one of the deadliest characters this side of Wolverine. She's great, is what I'm saying, and she possesses the exact same amount of wit and ferocity that Rodriguez expertly injects into every role she plays.

The characters exist, and I think any comic book movie would benefit from having Rodriguez in the cast. Make it happen, movie studios.

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