Will 'The Wolverine' Have A Post-Credits Scene?


by Brett White

Director James Mangold set out to make the Wolverine film that fans felt denied of after seeing "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." "The Wolverine" looks to be much more character driven and plot-focused than Logan's first outing, and plus, you know... ninjas.

Mangold discussed his desire to make a film that satisfies audiences without all the bells and whistles that people have come to expect from the superhero genre. One such bell and/or whistle is the post-credits scene, which "The Wolverine" may or may not have.

"I will say that for me the tags after the credits thing has never been my favorite thing in movies," the director said in an interview with Collider. "To me the idea is the curtain rises and the curtain comes down. In theater, there’s the idea of the encore and I'm not opposed to it, but what I'm really focused on at this point is the majesty of the best films I see are films that don't panhandle for an extra laugh later, but actually deliver the goods. And when the screen goes black, you go, Yes. My goal, whether there's an egg for you later or not, is that when the thing goes black, that you go, Yes, that you say, Yes, the meal was good. I don't need a fancy wine. I don't need a dessert. I don't need an aperitif. What he gave me was satisfying. That's my hope and dream."

Mangold did admit that the thought of including X-Men Easter eggs in "The Wolverine" occurred to him, although he didn't elaborate on whether or not he acted on those thoughts. Since Wolverine's journey continues in next year's "X-Men: Days of Future Past," it seems like "The Wolverine" was made to carry a dozen Easter eggs if need be.

But next year's X-travaganza aside, "The Wolverine" is apparently its own film, and Mangold wouldn't have it any other way.

"Honestly my entry into this world is really at the beckoning interest of this particular saga, the Claremont-Miller saga [from "Wolverine" #1-4]. I'm always looking for what is going to make me interested and not feel like I'm doing a carbon copy of stuff that already exists. The idea of devoting two years of my life to making a corporate product that looks and smells and tastes like a lot of other things out there with just a different trademark character is a bore. If I understand the qualitative differences in this world that makes it unique, that makes it its own brand, that makes it its own idea, its own flavor, the sense of exotic-ness, of the world and the characters and the language, was what really made me want to make it. Otherwise these movies can be really... I don't know how you get through them if you don't have a specific reason for something unique you’re going to do."

"The Wolverine" opens on July 26th.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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