'Man Of Steel': Bill Nye Reveals How Superman Shaves In Gillette Campaign

by Brett White

Conan O'Brien's sole "complaint" about "Man of Steel" has been turned into a full campaign for Gillette. The safety razor company has assembled a mighty team of pop culture's most proficient scientists (and Kevin Smith, representing the voice of fandom) to answer the age old question: How does Superman shave?

Bill Nye knocks it out of the park with this theory, coming up with a purely science-based answer to the question that also seems practical and comparable to the shaving rituals of non-steel men. Check it out below, and be sure to head over to How Does He Shave? to vote for your favorite theory. After the video, we have a few examples of how this question has already been answered in the comics.

This has already been answered in the comics a few times, notably in John Bryne's 1986 limited series "Man of Steel"...

Superman shaving

...And in 1960's "Superman" #139.

Superman shaving

Yes, heat vision was used in both cases, but the latter one involves a dog's heat vision and had to be included.

[via io9]

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