'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Directors Applaud Marvel For Thinking 'Outside The Box'

Captain America

by Brett White

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo spoke with Cleveland.com about how they landed one of Hollywood's most coveted directing gigs, beating out directors with actual action movies on their resumes. The brothers have had great success on the small screen, directing episodes of "Arrested Development" and "Community." The duo even won an Emmy for directing the pilot episode of "Arrested Development," but how did they make the transition from sitcoms to superhero films?

"We were working on the third season of 'Community,' and we got a call from our agent saying [Marvel President] Kevin Feige was a big fan of the show and wanted to know if we would come into meet to talk about the next 'Captain America' movie," explains Joe Russo. "I think Kevin had seen the paint ball episode we did on 'Community' and thought, these guys should be directing action movies."

Anthony Russo mentioned that Marvel has a track record for plucking directors from non-action genres to helm their films "The one thing Marvel does is think outside the box, going all the way back to Ang Lee with that first 'Hulk,' and the same thing with Jon Favreau ['Iron Man'] and Kenneth Branagh ['Thor']. They like to go outside the genre. It's a very smart thing that they do and it's a way to keep it fresh with audiences."

The pair are no strangers to comics, though, as both have professed a deep love for Marvel Comics. Director Steven Soderbergh even went so far as to endorse the brothers for the job based solely on their $60,000 comic collection. So when Anthony Russo says that they fell in love with the script, you know that opinion comes from someone with a deep love for the source material.

"We fell in love with the script and we really wanted to do this film so we went after it hard and ended up getting it," says Anthony.

The film will continue to shoot in Cleveland through the end June.

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