"Amazing Spider-Man 2": Paul Giamatti Shows Off His Rhino Suit... Sort Of


by Brett White

While the rest of America celebrated Memorial Day, Paul Giamatti and the crew of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" shot a scene dubbed "Park Avenue Showdown" in a tweet by director Marc Webb. If you happened to wander around the 52nd and Park area of Manhattan this past weekend and noticed a commotion, then this is what caused that commotion.

Giamatti appeared as Rhino for the first time in public, squaring off against Spider-Man in broad daylight. But unlike Jamie Foxx, who obviously endured hours of makeup to become Electro, Giamatti's getting the CG treatment (unless this take on Rhino is more like a tiny "Pacific Rim" robot). Check out Giamatti's pre-CG look below.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - May 27, 2013

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - May 27, 2013

These are much more elaborate than our last look at Rhino, which was him as a human driving a big truck. Rhino's costume has almost always shown his face, and considering how expressive Giamatti is in these shots, it's possible his face is exposed here for that same reason. But it's also really hard to discern Rhino's shape from this get-up. Is his head that huge? What are those side barrels a stand-in for? Since it's unlikely that Giamatti will ever actually wear a real Rhino suit, we might have to wait until a full trailer hits just to see this character's final look.

[Images via Getty Images and Michael Stewart]

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