'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Is Not Just A Sequel, Says Singer

Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer wants the world to know that his triumphant return to the "X-Men" movie universe in "X-Men: Days of Future Past" will be special. According to him, the new film is much more than just a sequel or spinoff.

"It's not just another X-Men film; it’s not just about the combined cast as there will be certain technologies and other stuff that we haven’t seen before in the X-Men film," he told SFX. "There are also issues of time and we’re messing about with that. I think we’ve got it figured out. I pitched it to James Cameron when I was in New Zealand last year and he said, ‘Yes, that makes sense.'"

Singer continued, "We wanted an opportunity to bring some of the favourite older and younger characters together. We also wanted to play with the notion of different times and stuff like the way that time affects destinies. It enables the film to not just be a sequel to 'First Class' or 'X-Men 3' but to actually be its own thing."

Meanwhile in a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly (via ComicBook.com), Hugh Jackman revealed that Singer banned the cast from reading comics on the set of "X-Men." Humorously, Jackman said that the cast frequently broke the rules and that comics were everywhere on set. It was during that time that Jackman first read Chris Claremont and Frank Miller's limited series that "The Wolverine" ended up being based on.

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