Spider-Man's Film Rights To Stay With Sony


A slew of rumors and speculation about the fate of Spider-Man at Sony have hit the web following news that the company's head is considering selling a 15 to 20 percent stake in Sony's entertainment division. Fortunately Sony Pictures entertainment co-chair Amy Pascal has come forward to set the record straight.

During a brief phone interview, Pascal told Ain't It Cool News that Sony would "never ever ever" get rid of the Spider-Man property while she is at the helm. The site adds that "she feels the property is directly tied to her legacy and time at Sony. Not just that, she is really thrilled by the work on the new film."

The rumors stemmed from reports on The Register, Comic Book Therapy and Comic Book Movie that interpreted the potential sale of Sony Entertainment's public stake as meaning that some of its properties would be up for auction. However, as /Film clearly points out, the suggested sale will be more of a "public offering" of some of the company's stock to raise money.

Since franchises like "Spider-Man" and "James Bond" are among Sony Entertainment's most profitable, it doesn't make any sense for the company to consider selling them off. So, sorry to fans who were hoping Spider-Man would find a place among the Avengers in "The Avengers 2" -- it doesn't look like that's going to happen just yet.

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