‘Arrow’: 5 Villains We Want To See In Season 2

by Brett White

With “Arrow” executive producer Marc Guggenheim promising to double up the evil in the show’s second season, fan speculation is starting about just who he could be referring to. The show did a solid job of featuring a number of classic villains from DC’s “Green Arrow” comic books, including versions of Malcolm Merlyn (season one’s big bad), Constantine Drakon, Count Vertigo, Deadshot and China White. The producers even adapted Kevin Smith’s Onomatopoeia into Mr. Blank. And that leaves out Deathstroke, who will join the cast full time next season.

It’s entirely possible that Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke will be one of the show’s big villains next year. But what if he isn’t? What other villains could show up to torment Arrow for the long haul? This is a topic we brought up over a year ago, before the show’s first episode had even aired. Four of those six villains did make their way onto the show, but the other two lead off our new list of 5 villains we want to see on “Arrow” season two.

Considering that Prometheus has no special abilities, he’d be pretty easy to make work in “Arrow’s” strictly street level reality. He does, however, have gadgets galore that help him enact his one-man war against the forces of justice. In “Justice League: Cry For Justice,” Prometheus put a serious hurt on Roy Harper, giving Green Arrow a personal reason to take the villain down.

Doctor Light
Doctor Light is probably one of the more repulsive villains in the DC canon, and that’s more due to his personality than anything relating to his powers. The guy can manipulate light, which includes things like turning invisible, shooting energy blasts and creating force fields. But saying that the guy’s a creep is a severe understatement (just read plot summaries of “Identity Crisis”).

Carrie Cutter was created by “Arrow” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg during his run on “Green Arrow/Black Canary,” so she seems like an obvious fit for the show. As a former special ops soldier, Cutter underwent experimentation that gave her enhanced physical abilities but did a number on her sanity. Now calling herself Cupid, Cutter became obsessed with Green Arrow, killing his enemies to prove her love for him.

If “Arrow” is looking for a criminal mastermind to take Merlyn’s place, there could be no better choice than Brick. This bad guy worked his way up from a henchman to the biggest crime lord in Star City, using his invulnerability to muscle his way into power. He even has a history with Deathstroke, once hiring the villain to blow up Green Arrow’s house. Brick may be coming, too, since his alter ego’s name (Danny Brickwell) can be seen on Oliver’s hitlist in “Arrow” season one.

Rainbow Archer
Listen, there’s no way I’m writing a list about Green Arrow villains and not including Rainbow Archer. He was a counterfeiter who got spotted because of his poor use of color! He shoots arrows of all colors except for green (because he hates Oliver Queen)! Sure he’s ridiculous, but including this guy in season two in any way would be a giant nod to old school Green Arrow fans.

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