'Fantastic Four': Michael B. Jordan Would 'Embrace' Playing Johnny Storm

Michael B Jordan

Nothing is set in stone in regards to casting for the upcoming "Fanstic Four" reboot, but there have been more than a few rumors that Michael B. Jordan will play Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch. Jordan has been fielding plenty of questions about the potential casting while promoting his new movie "Fruitvale Station," and he opened up about it in a recent interview with Empire.

When the Empire interviewer commented that "Fantastic Four" producer Matthew Vaughn has been gushing about Jordan, the "Chronicle" actor responded, "Matthew Vaughn is a smart man as well." Jordan continued, "There's nothing in writing, nothing's official, but me and ['Fantastic Four' director] Josh [Trank] are very, very good friends. He's a very, very talented guy. Fox is a family of mine and if it were to happen I would embrace it and go all the way in. I can't really talk too much about that."

Jordan made similar comments recently to USA Today and the Huffington Post. He again played coy about casting rumors, even though "Fantastic Four" is slated to begin shooting in June.

As of the controversy surrounding a black actor potentially playing the traditionally white Johnny Storm, Jordan said, "Things change and time goes on. It's 2013 right now. The characteristics of the Human Torch are [that] his name is Johnny Storm, he's charismatic, and he's a playboy. That's it. You know what I'm saying? That's all there is."

"Fantastic Four" is due in theaters on March 6, 2015.

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