'Avengers 2' Rumors Surround The Maximoffs And Black Panther

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by Brett White

The Maximoffs? Who the heck are the Maximoffs? They're the newest addition to the Avengers, according to a rumor currently circling around the "Avengers 2" script. Comic Book Movie has an unnamed source saying that, because of legal reasons, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver may not be able to use their "mutant names" in the Joss Whedon film.

"According to a person within the script writing community, as of right now it is being whispered through the rumor mill that Whedon is not calling the new additions to the Avengers team by their 'mutant names' of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. They are being called Wanda and Pietro Maximoff."

I'm a bit curious about this alleged "script writing community," especially one that apparently counts Joss Whedon as a member, or people close enough to Whedon to have read the surely top secret script. But what's the deal? I mean, sure, as much fun as it's going to be to hear Samuel L. Jackson say "Pietro" and "Wanda" repeatedly, the characters need to have code names if they're going to team up with people called Iron Man and Captain America.

Comic Book Movie reached out to an intellectual property lawyer and asked if the name change might happen due to the characters' film rights being both owned by Marvel and Fox. The IP lawyer gave a resounding yes, apparently, which means that there could be a day where versions of Quicksilver and Wanda Maximoff exist in two different franchises, probably with newly named alter egos. Maybe the duo will go by the last name Frank, the one they used before learning of their true parentage?

This rumor begs the question, if you can't acknowledge that the characters are mutants, they can't be the children of Magneto, and they can't even use their iconic code names... is there even a point using the characters?

CBM's other big rumor comes straight from the Cleveland set of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," where one source has apparently heard crew people talk frankly about Black Panther's involvement in "Avengers 2." This is pretty much hearsay (or I guess hearTweet?), but it wouldn't be surprising if true. "Avengers 2" is apparently shooting a few scenes in South Africa, which could double for Panther's home country, and Black Panther's been rumored for years now.

We can expect more clarifications and announcements regarding the Avengers roster as we get closer to the film's production start date in early 2014.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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