'Man Of Steel': Do New Warby Parker Frames Confirm A Bespectacled Clark Kent?


by Brett White

Designer eyeglasses company Warby Parker has launched a tie-in campaign with "Man of Steel," thus increasing speculation as to whether or not the titular hero's alter ego will be donning his signature frames in the film. So far all official pictures of Henry Cavill's Clark Kent have shown the man roaming the Earth, either working as a fisherman, hanging out at the Fortress of Solitude or at home in Smallville. We've yet to see official photos of Clark in Metropolis, working at the Daily Planet, so we don't yet know what his reporter getup will look like.

There is speculation that Clark Kent won't wear glasses in the film, but there's been no confirmation either way. "Man of Steel" launching a partnership with Warby Parker only makes us even more curious about this whole glasses situation.

Warby Parker's "Man of Steel" page is super cinematic, taking the viewer on the journey from Krypton to Smallville with relevant infographics popping up. The two new frames can be seen above and below.

Up top are the frames named Chamberlain, which seem to be inspired by Superman. Below is Percey, which is described as "bookish" and "understated" on the website, probably inspired by Clark Kent.


Both of these frames would be perfect for Clark Kent; they both look like classic frames worn by former Clarks. We'll have to wait until June 14th to find out whether or not these appear in "Man of Steel."

[via Comic Book Movie]

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