Marvel Cinematic Universe: 4 Roles For Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari

by Brett White

After hearing Chris O'Dowd answer questions about his upcoming cameo in "Thor: The Dark World," comedian Aziz Ansari chimed in with a statement that got our Splash Page brains working.

Ansari joked, "How come those Marvel guys can't draw some Indian dudes so I can show up in one of those movies?"

Regardless of how serious Ansari's desire is to fly alongside Iron Man, it got us wondering which Marvel characters he'd be a good fit for. He is right though, as Marvel has disappointingly few Indian heroes to consider for Ansari (obscure early '00s X-Man Neal Shaara, the third hero to use the name Thunderbird, is the most prominent one).

As one of the funniest stand up comics working today and one of the best parts of NBC's "Parks and Recreation" (a show that is comprised of 100% best parts), Ansari would definitely bring a totally different voice to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We came up with a few superhero roles we think Ansari would be perfect for.


Ant-Man (Scott Lang)

When Edgar Wright's "Ant-Man" hits the big screen in 2015, he's going to need a big personality to fill his ant-sized shoes. Ansari would be a perfect fit as Scott Lang, a hero that's very much the everyman of every team he's in. Ansari's great at playing characters in over their head (see: Tom Haverford in pretty much every romantic relationship on "Parks and Rec"), and he's also great at making every character he plays likable. Considering Lang's early career as a burglar (which he only did to provide for his family!), Ansari could easily get the audience on this character's side even before he turns into a hero.


Rocket Raccoon

Ansari has a voice tailor-made for a CGI character like Rocket Raccoon. His voice is animated, lively, and is as charismatic as his stage presence (give his standup album "Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening" a listen or thirty). While "Guardians of the Galaxy's" Rocket Raccoon may require a more gruff voice like that of his "Parks and Rec" costar Nick Offerman, Ansari would also be a fantastic choice.



There's another CGI character just waiting to pop up in "Guardians of the Galaxy," and he seems almost tailor-made for Ansari's voice. Bug, a character who originally debuted in 1979 as part of the Micronauts, has been featured on the most recent iteration of the Guardians in the comics, but legal woes may keep him out of film. But if plans for Bug ever go beyond the printed page, Ansari could bring this wise-cracking warrior to life.

Multiple Man

Multiple man

Yes, Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man is a mutant, so yes, his film rights are most definitely tied up over at Fox (he was played by Eric Dane in "X-Men: The Last Stand"). So while he wouldn't fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe being crafted by Marvel Studios, Ansari could easily bring this character to life in an X-Factor spin-off film. Madrox is pretty much defined by his sense of humor and sarcastic nature, which makes him a perfect fit for the comedian. The copies that Multiple Man creates of himself also heighten different aspects of his personality, not unlike Ansari's boisterous alter-ego Randy (again, listen to "Intimate Moments"!).

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