'Thor: The Dark World': Chris O'Dowd May Have Signed On For More Than Just A Cameo

by Brett White

MTV News caught up with actor Chris O'Dowd during the press junket for the animated epic "Epic." Since O'Dowd revealed via his Twitter account that he shot a date scene with Natalie Portman for "Thor: The Dark World," we just had to ask the actor about it. And while he doesn't say much about the scene (except for hinting that it may involve Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth), he did have a bit more to say about rumors that he may be up for the role of Daredevil.

Full disclosure: that's a one-man rumor that I cooked up for this article about working ol' hornhead into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I took a wild shot, saying that O'Dowd could play Matt Murdock in that date scene, and then fell in love with the idea of the Irish comedian playing Marvel's most put upon hero. And O'Dowd didn't shoot the crazy theory down!

"There's a lot of talk of that," he says, nodding. "Maybe some contract talk." Check out the video below, which also includes the fantastic Aziz Ansari.

I was honestly surprised that he didn't laugh out loud at the notion, considering he previously said he wouldn't do an action movie. Maybe he's come around? Maybe he will be Daredevil? It's more likely O'Dowd is referencing Ant-Man, though, which would be equally great. But it's even more likely that O'Dowd is just joking around with us, and playing into all the crazy theories that fans have (like my nutso Daredevil one). Either way, fun is had.

Fellow "Epic" voice actor Aziz Ansari chimed in on O'Dowd's answer, asking when Marvel was going to work some Indian dudes in so he can show up in one of those movies (Ansari's "Parks and Recreation" co-star Chris Pratt is appearing in Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy").

After noting that Marvel adapted the version of Nick Fury modeled on Samuel L. Jackson instead of the original white version of the character, Ansari imitated what he hopes movie producers would say in regards to other characters.

"'Eh, Spider-Man, let's make him an Indian guy for this one,'" imitates Ansari. "'He's a white guy in the comics but...!'"

Listen to Aziz, Marvel. Get him in a movie! And fingers crossed that O'Dowd's character in "Thor: The Dark World" is destined to come back in a future film, hopefully in a costume.

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