'Arrow': Marc Guggenheim Looks Ahead To Season 2


by Brett White

Following the epic finale to "Arrow's" first season, fans of the show will spend the summer coming up with theories as to just where the comic book show will go next. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim has now given fans a lot to go on, thanks to an in-depth postmortem conducted by TV Guide about the show's debut season.

The producer talks about everything from next season's overall theme to specific character motivations following the climactic events of last week's episode. Read ahead for a few of Guggenheim's revelations, but be aware that the season finale's big shockers are candidly discussed. So, spoiler warning.

On how Tommy's death will motivate Laurel Lance: "It's a catalyst for her to do a variety of different things. It's going to drive a lot of what Laurel does in Season 2, both good and bad. Tommy's death will reverberate through the cast of characters and will affect the changes and choices that Oliver makes and that Thea makes. It's going to affect everybody. It's not like you'll never hear Tommy's name never uttered again. If anything, Tommy is a larger presence in death than he was in life."

On Malcolm Merlyn's final fate: "We have a moment in mind for the Season 2 premiere that should give you an answer to that question, but the thing that I always do say, and I said this to John Barrowman ['Malcolm Merlyn'] and to Colin Donnell ['Tommy Merlyn']. This is a show that does flashbacks. So just because a character is dead doesn't mean we've necessarily seen the last of them on this show."

On whether or not Oliver Queen has ended his vigilante ways: "Without spoiling our plans for Season 2, so the best way to answer it, and this will be one of those things where you’ll go back to this interview after you watch the season premiere to see what I mean, is that I think he's pretty much done being the vigilante. The question is: What happens now? Come October, that statement will make a lot of sense."

On what will drive season 2: "The Glades and the Undertaking was a big piece of our engine that drives us forward in Season 2. If the story engine of Season 1 was this notebook of names, I think the story engine of Season 2 is the destruction of The Glades and the impact not just on The Glades, but all of Starling City. You've got Merlyn Global and Queen Consolidated both not in The Glades, but the two biggest employers of people in Starling City, and those companies are in some dire straits. We're going to see in Season 2 that the economy in Starling City is pretty decimated."

On whether Oliver Queen will get some hooded help: "Thea's line about, 'I have wicked aim' was meant to be a little foreshadowing and certainly, Roy's heroics in the alleyway with his red hood is similar. Our game plan with respect to Thea and Roy pretty much remains unchanged. We're going to keep pushing them both in the directions that destiny is drawing them. The nice thing for us in Season 2 is Colton Haynes becomes a series regular so it'll allow us to tell a lot more Roy stories, which we’re really eager to do."

You can find out even more about "Arrow" season 2 over at TV Guide.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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